Licensed Materials

Bob the Bug-Bot™

Topics covered: Motors and Movement in Robotics

The focus is for a hands-on lesson with an inquiry based activity segment. The lesson will focus on a component within robotics that has even broader applications with science and engineering. Students will begin by learning about why a robot needs a motor and how this motor is special because of its movement. It begins by introducing student to a motor which is commonly used in robot building. Then they will learn how one simple modification to the motor can be made to change its movement and how this movement can be applied to a small robot bug the student will build and modify.

The lesson will have children asking questions about what they are told and then building a robot. This lesson will ignite the curiosity and wonder in children. The children in the lesson will have the ability to discover on their own through the designed lesson.



Length: 20 minutes Reusable

Number of children/kits: 20 Grades 1-5

1 -2 takeaways from lesson Lesson plan

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