Team SPARK at SmithsonianAbout: Ever wondered what would happen if you gave children the knowledge and power to go along with their fantastic imagination what they would create? The club is designed to put the power of inventing a robot to solve a real world problem in the hands of these elementary students and give them an early and accurate depiction of the ins and outs of the engineering design process from a unique perspective. The group has to develop their idea, organize it into manageable sections, build and test the individual sections, then integrate them together as a team and prepare to present and talk about their solution to the public.


This revolutionary concept is the result of the Infamous Robotics LLC Robotics Expansion programs that teach children about the STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math) fields using real robotics, not prepackaged kits. The robot the students build will amaze the world as it will show the capability of every child if we foster the inventor within them through our unique programs and courses.


How to get your child involved:  The Robotics Inventors Club (RIC), created by Infamous Robotics LLC, is a unique and revolutionary concept that puts the power of inventing in the child’s hands. The RIC is only open to students of Infamous Robotics LLC summer camps, who have completed all introductory levels, Robotics Expansion 1-4. Mentoring is provided by the Infamous Robotics team.


Purpose:  The purpose of this club is to formulate a unique group, a special group, unlike any being done at this age level. Members of the RIC will work as a team to engineer, design, test, build and ultimately present their robot during National Robotics Week in April.

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thumb_IMG_0452_1024In an effort to foster an atmosphere that will inspire more entrepreneurs and businesses in this country, Infamous Robotics llc has created the Robotics Inventors Club All Stars. It is an 8 month journey into the world of robotics and entrepreneurship unlike anything else.


Read about it in the White House press release.


About the program: Through the ‘Start your Own Robotics Company’ competition, students of the Robotics Inventors Club All Stars will compete in small teams against each other in developing an innovative robot and creating a business around that product. This competition offers a unique perspective into robotics and entrepreneurship like never before, as the students rush to meet deadlines, specifications and prepare for a start up pitch competition unlike any other seen before.


How to get your child involved: Students must have been involved in the Robotics Inventors Club and have successfully completed the upper level course, Robotics Expansion 501 offered by Infamous Robotics llc to be prepared for this competition.