Summer STEM Camps

FCPS spring break is here, giving everyone a taste of summer. With the kids at home and Fairfax parents running out of things to do, why not sign up for a summer STEM camp? Robotics camps can give kids a fun way to release their energy while exploring new ideas around robots and STEM. Building a robot is something kids can remember forever, and can even spark a hidden passion for science and technology!

Infamous Robotics has developed summer camps for every experience level and age. The programs expose children to authentic hardware assembly and software programming. Infamous Robotics’ camps have been used by Children’s Science Center, The Smithsonian, and SHPE.

No other programs in Northern Virginia combine real robot parts and programming, expert instruction, and encourage children to develop and explore their own ideas. Plus, with the camps held at George Mason University, it’s close and convenient!

Spring break is a reminder that summer is right around the corner! Don’t let your child spend this summer on the couch. Check out Infamous Robotics Summer Camps HERE for more information.

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