Infamous Robotics Summer Camp 2015

Registration is now open for the 2015 Infamous Robotics summer Camp in Northern Virginia. With robotics classes to suit all experience levels and ages 7+, your little engineer can explore circuit design, the C programming language, and engage in real world robotics application. With STEM robotics classes surfacing across Northern Virginia, this summer camp will foster and excite your child’s passion and curiosity for robotics and mechanical engineering by constructing real robotics. The tiered platform for our summer camps allows children to grow their education beyond that allowed by other robotics classes, and move up from beginner ideas to complex real-world developments in robotics.

Robotics Expansion 1 & 2:

Pre-Req: Ages 7+

Introduces young engineers to the three fields they will encounter while exploring robotics. Through an interactive, hands-on, and fun perspective, children are encouraged to explore their own ideas and creations while given the guidance and tools to succeed.

Robotics Expansion 3 & 4:

Pre-Req: Robotics Expansion 1 & 2

Builds upon experience and knowledge gained during Robotics Expansion 1 & 2 to incorporate programming and mathematics. Teaches students tricks to debug glitchy robots and programming language used by real collegiate robotics teams!

Robotics Expansion 5 & 6:

Pre-Req: Completion of Robotics Expansion 3 & 4

Advanced robotics techniques exposes your child to the locomotion of robots with walking and flying machines. Students get to explore the ideas and challenges that come with making robots navigate their environments, and get to develop a flying drone robot!

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