Top Northern Virginia Summer Camps 2015

Finding the best Northern Virginia summer camps for your children can often be time consuming and frustrating because of all the options. How do you know which are best? We’ve compiled a list of the best 2015 Northern Virginia summer camps to make your job easier.

Camping for Children: Meadowlark Camp Grow

Camp Grow allows children to participate in fun activities focused around hiking and garden management. Providing regiments for 3 different age groups from 5-12, camp grow exposes children to the outdoors and how to grow sustainable food.

Performance for Children: The LMproject

With two programs for ages 9-18, the LMproject exposes children to various styles of music and dance. For children interested in performing, the LMproject teaches the basics of the stage: from fighting, to improv, to singing.

Science for Children: Infamous Robotics

Infamous Robotics has developed an exclusive Northern Virginia STEM robotics curriculum that inspires and educates children scientists and engineers. With robotics classes for ages 7+, children learn about circuit design, programming in the C language, and real world applications for robotics engineering. Enroll your children today!

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