Robots are Not Toys (But They Still are Fun!)

It is important to make sure your child gets an authentic learning experience while exploring his or her passion for science with summer robotics classes. For example, Infamous Robotics‘ 2015 summer camp goes beyond LEGO robotics classes building blocks and motors, giving children the opportunity to get hands on experience with REAL robot parts. In Robotics Expansion 1 & 2, campers focus on prototyping circuits. In Expansion 3 & 4, campers learn about programming in the C language. Once both sections are completed, students can join the Robotics Inventor’s Club, and have the chance to work on robots such as ANA, a nurse assistant prototype. Not only do students get hands on experience constructing a robot, but also get to see the potential for robot application, igniting their imaginations for how robots of the future might function.

Infamous Robotics 2015 Northern Virginia summer camp robotics classes boasts high caliber STEM educators who have first hand professional experience with robotics, while other camps use everyday LEGO kits to try to expose children to robotic assembly. At the LEGO camps, many children with a passion for robotics are left uninspired, wanting more than everyday toys.

Not all STEM robotics classes are the same, and choosing the wrong one could lead your child to LEGO blocks instead of authentic robotics.

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